Custom DIRECTV systems specializing in senior retirement homes, skilled nursing, rehab and healthcare facilities​, hospitals, hotels, apartments, Condominiums and dorms.

Nursing Home & Retirement Home TV Service


Sat Star delivers only the channels you want to pay for in digital-quality DIRECTV programming right to your residents TV without a converter box. With Sat Star's Custom TV featuring DIRECTV, you can tailor a lineup to provide the entertainment you want for the budget you want! In addition, Sat Star offers a free community channel dedicated to your property that allows you to attach a DVD player to show movies throughout your facility. ​

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Decide Your Lineup; Choose From One Of Our Pre-set Lineups Or Create Your Own From Scratch. ​Choose From One Of The Following Options:

Rent - under the rental option, there is no equipment to buy; all programming, equipment rental and maintenance is included in one low monthly fee. Installation is free if the building is already wired for cable. Renting the equipment is a great solution if you are looking to save money and don't want to worry about keeping the equipment updated or maintained, it's all taken care of for one low price.

Buy - purchase the equipment outright and invest in your building's marketability. Under this option, the equipment comes with a one year warranty on all parts and labor. An extended service agreement is available. This solution lowers your monthly cable costs even further, all you would have to pay for is the monthly programming fee. Pay in full or lease to own.*